Monday, September 27, 2010

moderator project is done!

..and with only 4 hours before I need to leave for the airport. I still need to pack, take a shower and sleep (a little.) :D Thanks to Jessica too, because she gets to expertly pack these and ship them out this week. I have run out of time!

Anywho, here you go guys! As promised, 3 paintings for the four people who helped get our site back on track! Thanks so much~

Three paintings on masonite. 1' x 3' each.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

almost three

I started blocking out things on the third moderator thank you painting. It is also around 2:30am now... so I guess it is "almost three" in that respect also. Time for bed, but not before an update for snoopy and the other folks keeping a tab on this project :D

All together now, more detailed pics tomorrow in the sunshine!:

2 of 3

Ok, so my second moderator painting is done now! Hooray! ...only one more to go and I have the rest of today and all of tomorrow to finish it. Luckily, other than that and packing, I don't have anything else to worry about before heading off to California on Tuesday! Laundry is done, bills are paid, and money is in the bank. I think that's it! Look for all three paintings to be shipped out Tuesday or Wednesday. Check back tomorrow evening for the final painting!

Yosemite (Bali) Yellow and Aussan Brown are the official vw colors for these two buses. Both were very annoying to mix! Luckily the next painting's buses are red and white. Easy!

Friday, September 24, 2010

T-shirts done, back to the moderator's project!

Well, after fighting with the second screen most of the day I decided to re-do it and start over. It was sagging a lot and was blotching on the shirts. Luckily i was using my first run misprints to try out the second screen. So the only shirts lost to this morning's fight with the uncooperative screen were those that were already misprinted. See, these are the uglies:

and the bad screen after i ripped all the tape off. You can see how bad it was printing just to the right:

Well, I eventually got it sorted out and finished the shirts. Next (because I can't take a break right now) came the second painting for the moderators. I have it blocked out now and can start adding colors, details and a background. I feel that I am almost back on track to finish the final two paintings by Monday.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

print print print print print

ok, so all these have the design on them now. I wasn't keeping count, but it's supposed to be 72... who knows if it is exactly 6 dozen. It's a lot of shirts to be blunt about it. Filled our apartment, check out the pictures:

I still have to do 2 dozen of them with the second screen, but as I don't know how many of each size is required, it will have to wait until tomorrow morning. Just as well, these should be completely dry before I start handling them. No need to lose any to smudges, I have already had 5 misprints. 2 were lost to too many passes w/ the ink (blotchy image) and 3 were ruined to wrinkles in the fabric. Still wearable, but not the quality I strive for.

6 Dozen T-shirts!

Ok, so today I am taking break from painting and will be doing a whole bunch of t-shirts. This project is for my step mother's church in Simsbury, CT. They will be for the 20th Annual Great Pumpkin Fair. Of the 6 dozen shirts, around 2 dozen will have the "St. A's" (for St. Alban's) for the volunteers. Both original designs. Here are the two screens, original sketch and what 6 dozen convict orange... I mean pumpkin orange t-shirts looks like:

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

one down, two to go.

Ok, so here is the first of the three moderators "thank you" paintings. An early water-cooled aussan brown VW Westfalia for a guy in Maryland! Next up is a painting of a baywindow bus!

After losing a days worth of work to being super sick, I have to get back to painting. This time next week I will be busy "researching" Aswah's new mural amongst the largest living things on this green earth and overlooking (for the first time in my life) the grand expanse of the pacific ocean from Californian shores! Most anyone who knows me, recognizes that this is a lifelong dream of mine! ... but... I can't think of that now... it is too distracting! two more paintings. 6 dozen t-shirts. GO!

So here is my newest work, ENJOY!:

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Quick post, its pretty late

Earlier today, I finished and sent out Lynnandj's painting, so now it is onto the projects for the FMBC moderators. First on the list is an Aussan brown vanagon Westy. Tonight I did most of the hard work, and though it doesn't look very complete at the moment it is actually quite a bit of progress.

The idea here was to place everything in the spots in which they belong. Tomorrow (after a day trip to cape cod) I will go in with the infamous early westy "aussan" Brown. Love it, or hate it its undeniably a vw color.

Right now though, it is time for bed!

LynnandJ done

Well, I might be able to produce a better photograph with some time on photoshop, but this one is done, ready to pack up and ship! Hope you guys like it :D

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Too busy to post!

So I have been running around like a madman working on more artwork than I can describe now. On that matter, I will have to be brief in my posting today.

First, more progress for LynnandJ. I am nearly done, and was bummed that I missed them driving through my area. It would have been good to hand deliver this one! Oh well, that is why we have the USPS.
Since my last posting, I have started the orbs w/ reflections and have repainted the same one now about 6 times trying to get the effect I want. Once i discover what that is and how to do it, it will be a matter of 10 minutes and the painting will be finished. I also outlined the entire work twice which did a great job at bringing out the background colors. Then I went into a number of little obsessions that resulted in better coverage (it is hard to see in the pics, but the entire canvas has a neat-o crackle finish over the surface. It looks cool, but makes the painting process a little more labor intensive. So here you go guys, I will try to finish this up today. Send me a PM or e-mail!

Also in the studio are a couple of paintings for the moderators. There will be three of them, but as of right now I have only started two. Not much to say about them at the moment and i think my time is better spent today painting than gabbing on my blog, so I will let them speak for themselves.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Some work accomplished

I spent a number of hours staring at this painting thinking up backgrounds before I came up with this one. It will be built up significantly before its done, but I want to have a lot of the blue around those big trees.

I didn't play around with the color levels so the white of her dress is actually white, and not blue. More work on this today.