Thursday, September 29, 2011

A new screen and better pics

First off tonight I have a new screen for Sergio who I met WAAAAY back at the Lebanon, CT VW show back in early July. He drives a mildly customized MK2 Jetta and fit the part for my entry into the water-cooled crowd. Here it is drying after washing the photo emulsion out. Thankfully, there was no loss of detail in the screen (this sometimes happens) and I will print a practice shirt tomorrow morning!

I also decided to take a couple of better pictures of Gail's new shoes. So here they are! Click for larger images:

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

more kicks

Last night I finished my second pair of shoes. These are for Gail in Arkansas who gave me free choice in terms of the theme. I decided to go with a sunflower field with a few trees and a sunburst. These photos are less than ideal since my camera is still in my bus in CT, so for now, I only have my very old cell phone. Hopefully gail will take some pics once they arrive in AR!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


My little brother DJ had a good idea for a birthday gift. He sent me a pair of Vans with a request that I paint them for his girlfriend (who turns another year older on Friday) The only instruction that I got was to include purple.

So after some deliberation, I set on painting them with a purple lotus and lily pad theme. I drew up a quick sketch and primed the shoes with a flexible primer. Then I drew out the design on the shoes and painted in acrylics cut with fabric medium. Once dry, I heat set them and cleared over them with several layers of flexible clear coat (like whats used on banners.)

The neat thing about these is that if she puts her feet together, the design goes from one shoe to the other!

Here is what resulted:

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My big southern trip summary

I have driven through 10 states over the course of exactly one month. I have met more decent people than I have encountered in all the rest of my life put together. I used 172 gallons of gas and saw my odometer change from 45,137 to 48,198 (3,061 miles!). I painted on 4 buses, sold many many t-shirts and had to break out my cooking implements only twice. I also lined up 10 more buses to paint. I came home with honey from Salem, VA, a jar of habanero Peach jelly from Roan Mountain, TN and a jar of sunshine from North Charleston, SC. My bus is now outfitted with a correct late bay clock, super comfortable vanagon captains chairs, camper windows (w/ knobs, screens and inner rubber seals!), the desireable and uncommon late bay jump seat/ storage bin that sits between the front seats, a proper rear mattress for over the engine and the cabinet that fits neatly behind the rear seat. ...and some new stickers!

On the downside, I managed to crack my engine case and spent a lot of $$ on oil to get my bus back home... and now I must spend more $$$ on a new engine case and the time it will take to switch all my good engine components over. But that said, all in all a wonderfully memorable trip that I will be reliving over and over again due to all the business this adventure landed me. onto the pictures!

Mark's Shop, Salem, VA

Mark took me to see the city, here he is looking over Roanoke and Salem, VA.

Here is my reason for visiting mark. I painted him a new sign for his shop!

The Nolichucky River... this is the river of Buses on the River (BOtheR)

Garry DeSpain is the real Santa (on vacation, mind you!)

A small tattoo for TNJed and Turtle's bus

Disco Breakfast Video!

After leaving Ric's house in TN see previous post), I had to drive over the Appalachian Mountains.

In coastal SC, they have these magnificent trees called Live Oaks. They are massive! This one is probably the oldest living organism east of the Mississippi and is estimated to be over 1500 years old! It is called the Angel Oak and can be found on John's Island.

Folly Beach, SC.

Here is Snoopy... as a pig! Piggly Wiggly, that is!

Snoopy's Wanderlust Bus (Paintedbus # 8)

Snoopy's neighbors were intrigued by my paintjob! Here are three of us, Me, Calvin (i believe) and Snoopy.

Jamie's pop-top canvas in Arden, NC... just south of Asheville!

Over the mountains and just about to enter TN... looking back towards Asheville (and the nice (albeit brief) lunch I had with Jill Tamilla.

Just into TN and the clouds were hanging around me in the mountains... BEAUTIFUL!

In PA, there was massive flooding. The water over took I-81 northbound, so I went on a scenic drive though the countryside. It was just before this that I noticed the massive crack in my engine case. I ended up repairing it with some JB weld and many quarts of oil. By the time it evened out, I was going through a quart every 100 miles. The back end of my bus was COVERED in oil spots... still is. :/

Back in MA, I figured the bus wasn't getting much worse, so Jessica and I took a trip to Provincetown, MA to witness our friends Katie and Courtney get married. I must have brought the nice weather with me since it has been gorgeous weather ever since I returned home. Here is Jessica sitting on Marconi Beach, mid cape. We were watching seals feast on some unwilling fish just off shore.


And here is jessica being hanging out in my newly outfitted bus. This was a good way to spend our 2nd anniversary!