Monday, December 12, 2011

A quick update on my interior!

Last weekend, I got my new interior in! It REALLY makes a difference in the cabin of my bus.

Full cabin with the doors closed. I have brought the jump seat home to also recover. The cushion (green plaid) is pretty shot, but I will retain the material in case someone wants it original again someday:

(click image for larger format)

All open. You can see that I had to remove the outer arm rests... but they will go back on. If someone has some of the beige captains chairs, I'd be really interest in a trade! Otherwise, I will be re-covering these, so that hole will go away.

Finally, here is a detail of the door panels. I wrapped the door pulls in three layers of hemp (the original pulls were broken) and I wrapped the lock pull in more burlap because the plastic was degraded and I wanted ot clean it up a bit.

So, the bus is pretty well coming along in the aesthetics department! If you want me to re-do YOUR bus door panels, let me know! I really liked this project... it cost me less than $9 in materials and came out awesome! This week, I doubt I will have time, but I did bring home some the slider door panel and as mentioned, the plaid jump seat/ box thing.

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